Maximize sales and profitability with Hotel Revenue Management Software that helps you find the best market rate in real time. The revolution of the hospitality-hotel sector has begun: Winberg Hospitality is a web application that analyzes the sales and price trends of your structure to make the right decision. Developed thanks to the experience and… Continue reading CONCRETE BENEFITS FOR YOUR BUSINESS PERFORMANCE



Our expertise takes into account the specific characteristics of your hotel, in a common desire to achieve measurable objectives in terms of commercial growth and performance. With the experience gained over the years, more than 1,000 hotels with different profiles and environments have entrusted us with their Revenue Management. We want to share our skills… Continue reading REVENUE MANAGEMENT EXPERTISE

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Your facility issues answered with Winberg Hospitality

As part of group Winberg Hospitality provides guides revenue management hotels, facility departments, including Housekeeping with: Outsourcing Accompaniment Management Winberg Hospitality makes a clear plan of action after a thorough inventory. With your consent, Winberg Hospitality will get to work on this, including guidance and implementation of the proposed solution. The result? Facilitair everything runs… Continue reading Your facility issues answered with Winberg Hospitality

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Sales and revenue management; friends or enemies?

In the early nineties, the roles and responsibilities of the commercial departments in the hotel business were clear. Sales tasks consisted of acquisition activities, contracting and relationship management with local corporate accounts, FIT and series contracts with incoming and foreign tour operators, airline crew contracts and the generation of group requests for both business and… Continue reading Sales and revenue management; friends or enemies?

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What do we understand under Hotel Software

Computer hardware is everything you can physically touch, such as the screen, keyboard, etc. Software is the program code or text that makes the computer work. Winberg Hospitality are those programs that help you to manage your hotel or B & B more easily and quickly and this can be done in various ways eg… Continue reading What do we understand under Hotel Software


Introduction Of Hotel Turnover Management

In simple terms, Hotel Revenue Management Sell ​​the right room to the right customer at the right time for the right price! Revenue Management Hotels is going to be the architect of your fortune. A hotel room is a perishable product because you only have a limited number of available hotel rooms at all times.… Continue reading Introduction Of Hotel Turnover Management

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The do’s and don’ts in hospitality

Everyone is curious about how hospitality can be improved. Then the do’s and don’ts should not be forgotten. We were also curious about developments within the industry and what these do’s and don’ts now contained. They don’ts in hospitality Do not compile a manual of the amount of money your employees express. Everyone is different… Continue reading The do’s and don’ts in hospitality