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What is Revenue Management?

In short, Revenue Management for a Hotel or B & B means to offer and sell rooms as favorably as possible. Key figures for measuring and evaluating Revenue Management are the Occupancy, Average Room Price and Revenue per Available Room. You can also talk about Yield Management Hotels instead of Revenue Management Hotel. The impact… Continue reading What is Revenue Management?

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How to Teach hospitality training

Good hospitality is something that many people desire but few people know how to deliver. For the travel industry, it is important that employees of hotels, resorts and other places to continue to offer quality hospitality to customers so that they enjoy their stay and want to come back. More and more companies and schools… Continue reading How to Teach hospitality training

revenue management

Independent hotels need a clear focus to compete with chains

Again and again, studies have highlighted how properly addressing sales and marketing, reputation, social engagement and a sound revenue strategy translates into sales, while ignoring them cuts into the bottom line. Why, then, does the average independent hotel struggle to dedicate enough time, manpower and budget to these tasks? In my past life, I wore… Continue reading Independent hotels need a clear focus to compete with chains