How To Start A Business With Hospitality

Why does a company now choose hospitality? Why should they spend money on this while not directly earning revenues? Is it a risk investment or not? Everybody asks that they are playing with an entrepreneur in the catering industry. Why would you like a company now to increase your hospitality? This question is a simple… Continue reading How To Start A Business With Hospitality


Yield management – Optimum return from every hotel room

What can you expect? With yield management hotel we try to outperform the predicted business figure. We bundle the knowledge and experience of specialists and translate them into everyday reality. We assess statistics together, look ahead and simulate decisions and meetings. This education focuses on discussing, learning and practicing in conjunction with your situation. You… Continue reading Yield management – Optimum return from every hotel room


Hospitality Ministry Education

Those employed in a ministry of hospitality are a call to church visitors feel so welcome that they want to come back. Learning about the facility and puttend from the natural warmth of a person to connect with others are facets of training for a team of hospitality. Greeting Provide a word or a handshake… Continue reading Hospitality Ministry Education

Hospitality · revenue management

How to Teach hospitality training

Good hospitality is something that many people desire but few people know how to deliver. For the travel industry, it is important that employees of hotels, resorts and other places to continue to offer quality hospitality to customers so that they enjoy their stay and want to come back. More and more companies and schools… Continue reading How to Teach hospitality training

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Yield & Revenue Management

Restrictions on the tariff plan Restrictions can be used as a means of managing revenues and maximising profits. For example, by setting a minimum length of stay, a number of guests, limitations of data or minimum Bes Chik bare rooms. This may be a day, and to seasonal or rate is given, for almost every… Continue reading Yield & Revenue Management


5 Tips to Increase Revenue in a Down Market Without Dropping Rates

Don’t let a down market keep you from increasing revenue! We’re sharing tips for increasing revenue in a down market without dropping rates! Click here! Airbnb may be a great way for property owners to make some extra income, but we know it has many hotels and other hospitality specialists worried. Especially if you’re an… Continue reading 5 Tips to Increase Revenue in a Down Market Without Dropping Rates


How Hotel Rates Are Impacted by Hotel Guest Reviews

Hotel guest reviews both good and bad hold considerable power on hotel rates! Therefore it is important to use them! Click here to learn about the impact! Hotel guest reviews, good and bad, hold more power than ever before when it comes to booking rates. Need some help keeping up? Check out our guide to… Continue reading How Hotel Rates Are Impacted by Hotel Guest Reviews