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The do’s and don’ts in hospitality

Home Brewing (1)Everyone is curious about how hospitality can be improved. Then the do’s and don’ts should not be forgotten. We were also curious about developments within the industry and what these do’s and don’ts now contained.

They don’ts in hospitality

  • Do not compile a manual of the amount of money your employees express.
  • Everyone is different and fits his hospitality in his own way.
  • Do not think there is only one type of guest. This means that only one type of service must be provided for all guests in every situation.
  • Only a few employees are involved in the hospitality policy.
  • Establish rules in which employees should behave in common situations.
  • Employees make each other check for good behavior.

– Develop Hospitality as something once

The do’s in hospitality

      • You must realize that hospitality consists of three particular elements. These elements are behavior, services and surroundings.
      • You must realize that different experiences need to be created for different guests.
      • Create multiple excursions for your guests with a predetermined desired experience.
      • Employ each employee with the hospitality policy.
      • Determine that employees have their own freedom to determine their behavior themselves.
      • Ensure that employees are “buddies” and not enemies. Make sure they give feedback on each other’s behavior.
      • Keep in mind that hospitality is constantly on the move and that it needs constant improvement.


– Put hospitality as an important point in the agenda when it comes to employment.

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