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How to Teach hospitality training

Revenue Management Hotel & TrainingGood hospitality is something that many people desire but few people know how to deliver. For the travel industry, it is important that employees of hotels, resorts and other places to continue to offer quality hospitality to customers so that they enjoy their stay and want to come back. More and more companies and schools are training hospitality as part of their curriculum for students. If you are selected as a teacher or trainer for the class, here’s what you should know about how to teach hospitality training.

Decide what you want to learn about hospitality. What you’re going to learn during your training will probably be based on your audience and what you are teaching. Revenue management hotel that offer hospitality training for their employees can focus on specific aspects within their company as hospitality at the reception and hospitality service. Schools that teach or persons from a variety of different places of the train will have to take a more global approach to hospitality.

Offers students the opportunity to role-play. While you can explain several hours of good hospitality to people, for many the information not sink until they can try it yourself. Few people up and they play a role as a guest and an employee. Let them good hospitality that you have learned the practice.

Allow students to critique their peers. Students are more likely to change when they are criticized by their peers rather than when criticized by teacher or counselor. To provide students and receive feedback after finishing their role. They can then use this feedback in future settings.

Connect with local businesses controlled experience. After students or employees have the opportunity to play the role of good hospitality, take the time to work with local businesses or different entities in your facility to which your training to practice their hospitality in different settings. While role playing is good for initial training, it provides no real interaction and feedback from actual customers. For more information – Yield management hotel, revenue management consulting related contact by Winberg Hospitality.

Tips & Warnings
When role playing, you might videotape students as they interact. This show what they do well and what needs improvement. Controlled experiences can create a great opportunity for students in training programs of good impressions on potential employers.


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