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Yield & Revenue Management

hotels-online-bookingRestrictions on the tariff plan
Restrictions can be used as a means of managing revenues and maximising profits. For example, by setting a minimum length of stay, a number of guests, limitations of data or minimum Bes Chik bare rooms. This may be a day, and to seasonal or rate is given, for almost every possible scenario.

Derivative rates
Use derived rates. Avoid human errors through the system to do the simple work, without for all (e) room type, promotion and segment must be entered manually prices. Set the basic simple web and couple other tariffs it. Thereafter, in each case only need to be adapted to the basic rate, and others are automatically calculated. For greater flexibility, derived rates may have their own restrictions. In a competitive local market, where fast response is crucial, almost indispensable derived rates.

Online booking module
Except at three different levels, separate rates can be set for use by the online booking engine for your hotel. The latter can only be based on promotional codes.

Promotional Codes
A distinction can be made in supply for specific customers using promotional codes. After entering the booking module will display the set special rates.

Rate Synchronisation to all channels
All adjustments Clock PMS rates linked to online channels as reflected, while the set special rates are permanently displayed when entering promotional codes into the booking module. By this only as available, is kept online rate parity.

Publish your promotions
Publish temporary promotions and discounts on your website and make them available in the online booking module. Draw a new clientele with banner ads and email campaigns or encourage the loyalty of the guests through promotional codes with special rates for both direct and OTA bookers. It’s all possible and as easy to functionality in Clock PMS.

Working with FIT bookings
The to contract and voucher module Clock PMS is designed for businesses with traditional FIT collaborations. Winberg Hospitality adds a contract to the system profile of a too, enter voucher obtained data and link it to the booking and the relevant contract. The system will process the information, and automatically perform the billing.

Source: Yield management hotels and Revenue management hotels by Winberg Hospitality.


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